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Need help finding a lens? You’ve come to the right place! Answer the questions below and let our Lens Radar do all the work for you.

What type of camera do you own?
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Lens Type
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Focal Length
What focal length are you looking for?
What features are you looking for?

Autofocus is an internal mechanical system that allows a lens to focus automatically.

Image stabilization is a method of reducing the likelihood of blurred photos. Lenses with image stabilization use floating lens elements that operate independently of the lens itself to reduce the effects of camera shake.

Weather resistant lenses are equipped with a special coating to prevent moderate amounts of water and particles from damaging the lens.

A lens with a fixed max aperture will have a constant max aperture at all focal lengths.

How much are you willing to spend?

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  • Jason Harder says:

    You are as beautiful as your photography and a true inspiration (and we can all use that these days). My kit is somewhat similar to yours, possibly stronger in some areas, definitely weaker in others. While I love taking photos of almost anything, nighttime landscapes are what I really love and yours are incredible!
    Be well and continue your wonderful work.

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