The Best Travel Destinations on a Budget (By Continent)

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Traveling can be expensive but don’t let your travel budget prevent you from seeing the world. You can still travel to different places around the world even if you are on a tight budget. 

When making this list I excluded any airfare expenses because your airfare will highly depend on your departure location. The budgets listed below are the amount you will spend per day in each country which also includes a contingency amount per day to account for any unforeseen circumstances.

Below is a list of the two least expensive countries you can visit on each continent.

South America

South America is often regarded as a relatively cheap destination. Unfortunately, some countries in Latin America are very large. And if you are trying to visit every major attraction, it can get quite expensive. Here are my three favorite places to travel in South America on a budget. 

1. Peru – $70 Per Day 

Peru is one of the most stunning and least expensive places you can visit in South America. It has one of the 7 wonders of the world, Machu Pichu. Peru is also filled with many historical Incan sites such as Sacred Valley and the City of Cuzco. 

If you are a nature lover, Peru is filled with a variety of different natural wonders from the Amazon rainforest in the North, Rainbow Mountain in the south, to the Huascaran National Park between the Cordillera Blance Moutain range.

To Visit Peru on a midrange budget it will cost you around $70 per day if you decide to visit Machu Pichu which i highly recommend. The overall cost of visiting Machu Pichu will increase the cost of your overall trip. If you want to skip Machu Pichu you can definitely travel to Peru on a med range budget for around $40 to $50. 

Things To Do In Peru 

Here are some of the best things to do on your next trip to Peru. 


  • Hike Machu Pichu 
  • Witness the Condors at Colca Canyom 
  • Hike Huscaran National Park 
  • Visit the City of Cusco 
  • Explore the Incan Runis across Peru 
  • Visit Rainbow Mountain 
  • Visit the Sand Dunes In Huacachina 
  • Visit the Uros Islands 
  • Visit the Amazon Jungle (Iquitos or Manu National Park) 

One of the best things about Peru is that lodging, local transportation, and food are cheap. On a mid-range budget it is relatively easy to keep your local transportation, food, and lodging between 20 and 40 USD per day. This will allow you to spend the rest of your budget on events and activities. 

Accommodations in Peru are very cheap similar to the rest of South America. 3-star hotels in Peru typically cost between $20  and $40 per night depending on the locaiton you are in. If you are staying closer to the city or are near Machu Pichu you can expect to pay around $40 per night. 

If you venture out of the city a bit it is fairly easy to find 3-star hotels for under $30. In fact, during the off-season you can find hotels for around $15 per night. 


Food in Peru is a bargain and you should not be spending more than $12 per day on food. I find that most hotels offer free breakfast in Peru which means you shouldn’t have to worry about breakfast. 

Even if you where to buy breakfast the average cost is around $2-$3. Also, the cost of a meal at a midrange budget is typically around $5-$7. This typically includes 2-3 courses and a drink. 

This means if you plan accordingly you can keep your food budget below $12 if you wanted. If you want to enjoy the food and mid-range restaurants expect to spend around $10 to $12 per night. If you want to splurge and truly enjoy the food of Peru you can expect to spend between $15 and $20 per day. 


Transportation is Peru is also very easy to come by. Taking taxis is cheap. If you are staying local and traveling within the city you can expect to spend less than $10. 

Taxis will typically cost you around $5 to go around 10 miles. It is also pretty easy to hire a driver for a day or half day which should cost you a maximum of $15 per day. More often than not drivers are willing to negotiate and you can get a driver for around $10 per day. 

Buses and trains are also relatively cheap in Peru depending on how far you are traveling. On average you can expect to spend around $20 for a train ticket that will take you to the major cities in Peru. Buses are typically cheaper and I recommend if you are not going on extremely long trips since it can get crowded and bumpy on your trip. 

Keep in mind, that if you plan on visiting Machu Pichu it will most likely be the most expensive part of your trip. The round-trip train ride to get up to the Machu Pichu city also know as Aguas Calientes is typically an $150 train ride and the bust to Machu Pichu will be around $25. In addition, the ticket itself will cost around anywhere from $65 to $115 for entrance. While lodging in the city of Aguas Calientes is relatively cheap you will spend at least $240 per person to see Machu Pichu. It is one of the seven wonders of the world which makes it totally worth it for some. 

2. Bolivia – $85 Per Day 

Bolivia is another great low budget option will plenty of things to do. If you are a nature lover, then Bolivia is a great place to enjoy all the sights without having to fork up an expensive visit to Brazil or Argentina. 

Although not the capital, La Paz is the most traveled city in Bolivia. For a good reason, it is a gorgeous city with the largest ski resorts just a short trip away. 

In addition, without much effort, you can reach some of Bolivia’s main attractions, such as Moon Valley (or Valle de la Luna). 

Overall, accounting for all the travel and amazing sites that Bolivia has to offer a mid-range budget of $85 per day can go along way. 

On this type of budget, if you plan properly, you shouldn’t have an issue being able to see everything you want. 

Things To Do In Bolivia 

As mentioned above there are countless things to do in Bolivia. Here are some of the best things you can do while you are in Bolivia. 

  • Uyuni Salt Flat 
  • Valley of the Moon 
  • Laguna Colorada
  • Madidi National Park 
  • Amboro National Park 
  • Bike the North Yungas Road
  • Train Cemetery 
  • Sol De Manana Volcanic Gysers
  • Abandoned Chatakaya Ski Resort 
  • Visit Laguna Verde 


In La Paz, one of the most popular and expensive locations in Bolivia, it is pretty common to find a 3-start hotel for anywhere between $15 and $30 per night with an average of about $25. 

La Paz does have some amazing 4 and 5 star hotels that offer amazing views of the city, but these can start at around $60 per night and go as high as $250 per night. 

One way to cut on the costs of your hotel is to stay farther away from downtown La Paz. Consider staying in the Southern District of La Paz (Macrodistricto Del Sur), which is only about 30 min away from downtown for cheaper hotels with great views. 

Hotels prices are pretty consistent across all of Bolivia. For example, even near the Amazon in Rurrenabeque, Bolivia, you can find 2-3 star hotels between $15 and $30. 

If you plan on booking any guided tours, consider booking your hotel separately. Although it takes a bit more time, this route is often cheaper and gives you more control over your comfort. 


Food is very cheap in Bolivia, especially if you enjoy street food or inexpensive local restaurants. Most times, you can expect to get a full meal for less than $5. 

On the other hand, if you plan on eating at more high-end restaurants, you can expect a meal to cost anywhere from $8-$12. 

As you travel out of the city, your food options will be much more limited and will only be left with small local restaurants where food is in the $3-$6 range. 

You should not have any issue with spending an average of $8-12 per day on food in Bolivia. 


Overall getting around Bolivia is relatively cheap. If you are just looking to get from place to place in La Paz, local taxis will only cost you around $2-$5 for the first few miles. In the city, especially the market area is walking distance to one another. 

Once you start venturing off, you are going to need to invest in a bit more on your travel budget. 

For example, the infamous Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuni) is a bit off the beaten trail. There are a few options for transportation here: book a tour, rent a private driver, or rent a car. 

While renting a car is probably the cheapest option, Bolivia does have one of the hardest and toughest terrains to navigate. With mostly dirt roads and little cell reception, insider knowledge is beneficial. 

It is quite easy to be able to book a car rental (4×4 is a must) for around $30-$50 per day. The longer you rent a car, the better the rates you will get. Also, if you are traveling with a group, this can make your daily cost even cheaper. 

Another option is to book tours for each location you want to visit. You can buy these tours ahead of time or arrange it with your hotel. Most group tours to a location will cost around $40-$60 per day without food or accommodations. 

Group tours that include accommodation and food often cost between $80 and $120 per day, depending on the level of accommodations you want. 

If you are traveling in a group, I highly recommend you consider private tours. The larger your group, the better rates you will get.

For example, I was able to receive a 3-day private tour with five people for only $220 per person(~$75 per day). While for a two-person Private tour, I was paying $300 (~$100 per day)per person. 


In Bolivia, I recommend booking tours or guides since reaching your locations often requires long drives on dirt roads. The easiest way to make sure you always reach the best locations safely and on time is to book a tour or private tour. 

Keep in mind that, the more remote the location you are traveling, the more expensive the tour will be. For example, the Salt Flats in Bolivia are rather expensive because they are hard to each. 

Locations that are easier to reach or are near large cities are typically much cheaper. For example, a tour to Valley of the Moon and the Chataya mountain only cost around $20, including transportation and a local guide. 

Another great thing about private tours is that you dictate the amount of time spent at each location and the locations you will be visiting. If you can find a good tour guide, negotiate the price per day, most are willing to meet you at a price that works best. 

Other popular tours are those to the Amazon in Bolivia. Although visiting the Amazon can be quite expensive if you plan correctly and are willing to make some sacrifices, then you can manage to book a tour to the Amazon for around $70 or $100 per day. 

This could be much cheaper if you are willing to stay in the hostels while you are in the Amazon. You can find private rooms for $15 and $7 for a shared room. 


Asia is by far known as one of the cheapest places to visit across the globe. With some of the best food, architectural sights, and natural environments around the globe. Here are the cheapest places to visit if you are on a budget. 

1. India – $65 Per Day

While some may question my first choice, India is technically apart of Asia. India is one of the cheapest and most populated countries to visit; it is full of culture, food, and amazing vistas. 

If you enjoy architecture and the intricacies of different buildings around the world, then India is a perfect choice for you. No matter where you go, you are bound to come across amazing architectural feats that are stunning and breathtaking from the Taj Mahal, Amber Fort, Chad Baori, to the Sun Temple. 

Things To Do in India 

Whether you are looking for amazing architecture, amazing culture, or amazing landscapes India has you covered. 

  • Visit Taj Mahal 
  • Visit the Amber Palace 
  • Jaipur City Palace
  • Valley of Flowers National Park
  • Great Himalayan National Park
  • Ranthambore National Park 
  • The Blue City of Jodhpur
  • Chand Baori


Just like in Latin America, Hotels are cheap across India. If you are closer to a popular location such as the Taj Mahal, the overall prices might be a bit more expensive but overall relatively cheap. 

For a 3-star hotel in India, the average price is around $15 to $35. The farther you move away from popular locations, the cheaper hotels you will find. 

India is a very populated country with many businesses, which means there is typically an abundance of hotels and hostels to choose from when you are looking for accommodations. 

There should be no issue finding accommodation that falls into the $15 to $35 range wherever you are. 


Food in India is very cheap, with the average price of food at a restaurant being significantly less than in other regions in the world. In addition, you will have tons of food options while you are in India. 

Street food is located in nearly every major city in India, which will often cost you $1 or less. When eating at local restaurants, you can expect only to pay around $3-4 for a meal. Overall, while staying in India, it is not hard to only spend $10 on food per day. 


One of the best things about India is that they have an impressive train system that you can use to travel across the entire country. In addition, the intricate train system is cheap, depending on your choice of seating. 

You can get decent sleep class trains for around $12 to travel across the entire city. If you are looking to get first-class, then you can expect to spend between $30 and $70, depending on the distance of your trip. 

Also, India has some of the lowest taxis prices in the world. For local travel, taxis are also an inexpensive choice. You can travel around in a tax for about 10 miles for only a few dollars. This should make it very easy to keep your transportation budget very low. 

I recommend around $7-10 on average per day if you plan on traveling to different regions of India.

2. Vietnam – $75 per Day

Vietnam is a gorgeous country in South East Asia that offers adventure at every corner. With beautiful beaches, gorgeous islands, an outstanding modern city, and outstanding landscapes, you won’t be disappointed. 

Vietnam is very cheap and for $75 per day, you can have a comfortable vacation on a mid-range budget. Inside this budget, there is $10 or $140 over a two-week vacation as a contingency to account for any unforeseen events or purchases. 

In either situation, you can reduce your daily budget if your traveling in a group and hotel or transportation fees can be split between one another. 

Things To Do In Vietnam

Vietnam there are countless landscapes, beaches, and beautiful architecture to see while visiting Vietnam. Here are some of the most common places to visit in Vietnam.

  • Visit Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay
  • Hike Cat Ba Island 
  • Marble Mountains
  • Phong Nha National Park
  • Tam Coc Rice Fields
  • Cat Tien National Park
  • Ban Gioc Waterfall
  • Golden Hands Bridge in Da Nang


Vietnam hotels are very abundant in large cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, but the prices are reasonable. You can find a 3-start hotel for around $15 – $40 per night, with an average of $25 per night. 

You can always reduce the amount you pay for accommodation by settling for a hostel. Hostels will typically cost between $6 and $15. If you are looking for a single in a hostel, it might cost you $20-$25. 


In Vietnam, the food is very cheap. It is pretty common to spend under $10 on food per day in Vietnam. Restaurants will typically cost less $3-4 per meal, with breakfast being much cheaper than lunch and dinner. 

If you are looking to keep your food budget, low street food and local restaurants are your best bet. Its not uncommon to get a decent meal in Vietnam for around $1-2. 


Similar to many other Asian countries, transportation is convenient and cheap. Overall, you can expect to spend around $10 – $15 on average per night while traveling. 

Most of your inner-city days will be must cheaper than $10-15 per day. This will be offset by days you need to travel long distances across Vietnam or activities that require additional travel expenses such as tours. 

Using the train system in Vietnam, you can cover the entire country from North to South.

The train system is built for overnight and long haul rides with comfortable reclining chairs and sleeper bed options. Although it may take a bit longer than flying from the north to south of Vietnam, it is a much more cost-effective method. 

Most train tickets will cost around $20-$50. Trains are a good option if you want to avoid the airport and stop at different cities on your trip or if you have lots of luggage. In this case, trains and busses are more cost-effective than planes. 

Flying locally is also an option since most flights within Vietnam are relatively inexpensive. There are three airports positioned strategically, making it easy to travel to the south, north, and center of Vietnam. 

For example, to go from Hanoi (in the north) to Ho Chi Min (the south), which are the two largest cities in Vietnam, it will typically cost you around $40. During slow seasons or on less crowded flights, you can find flights as low as $20. 


1. Turkey – $85 Per Day

Although Turkey is actually split between the continent of Asia and Europe, I have classified it as one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. When most people visit Turkey, they feel it is more a European country than an Asian one. 

Turkey is a great place to visit and has a variety of things to offer from old ruins, beautiful architecture, amazing natural landscapes, beaches, and modern cities. Whatever you are looking for, you are bound to find it in Turkey. 

Things To Do In Turkey 

Turkey has alot to offer: historical monuments, modern architecture, amazing landscapes, and gorgeous beaches and islands. While your visiting Turkey make sure you check out the places listed below.

  • Visit the Blue Mosque 
  • Visit historical monument such as Hagia Sophia 
  • Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons
  • Volcanic Carved Homes and rock formations in Cappadocia
  • Explore the Turkish Islands off the Coast 
  • Visit the Coastal City of Oludeniz
  • Jump in the host springs in Pamukkale
  • Hike the North Antolian Mountains


Accommodations in Turkey are much cheaper than in other regions of Europe but definitely more expensive than Asian countries. This goes for both hotels and hostels in Turkey. 

For a 3-star hotel, you can expect to pay around $20-$50 per night. If you stay farther away from popular locations such as Istanbul, you can find cheaper hotels. I would expect a range of $15-$30 for a 3-start hotel. 

Hostels are a bit less expensive than hotels, but you can still expect to pay around $15 – $30 per night for a single room. During high demand seasons, private hostel rooms can go as high as $50 per night. 

Overall, If you plan accordingly, you should be able to stay between $25 and $40 per night on hotels or hostels. 

The last time I traveled to Turkey, I spent an average of $30 per night on accommodations. In popular cities such as Istanbul, I was able to find cheaper hotels while in more remote locations such as Cappadocia, my average nightly price was around $35 to $40 per night. 


Food in Turkey is diverse and inexpensive. One of my favorite parts from my last trip to was delicious food. 

You can expect to spend around $6-$10 per meal at mid-range restaurants. If you are looking to go for an inexpensive meal, you can spend around $2-$4 per meal. 

Overall, I would expect you to spend around $12 per day on food in Turkey. Typically, breakfast and lunch were only a few dollars, which left me with about $8-$10 per day on dinner. 

For $8-$10, you can get a three-course meal at most Turkey restaurants. I recommend you splurge a bit on food since the food in Turkey is exceptional. 


The main attractions in Turkey are quite spread out around the country. As a result, it is likely you will need to spend a bit more on transportation. 

Turkey has approximately 15 airports, of which 6 are domestic. This makes it relatively easy to travel across this large country. 

You can typically find domestic flights for around $20-$35 for a one-way trip. 

Turkey also has an advanced high-speed train system that you can use to travel smaller distances between cities. The great thing is that train has stops near all the most popular sites seeing locations such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Pamukkale. 

For normal train seats without any fancy sleeper options, your tickets will typically cost around $10 or less. If you are traveling a long distance and need some sleep, you can get a sleeper seat for about $20 – $30, depending on where you are going. 

Overall this makes travel in Turkey very cheap. You can travel across the entire country for around $25. 

If you only need local transportation, busses and taxis are incredibly cheap. You can travel around 20 miles in a taxi for around $15. 

You can also hire a driver for the day, on my last trip I was able to coordinate a private driver with my hotel, which only costs around $30 for the entire day. While this is not common, it is worth looking into. 

A mid-range budget for transportation in Turkey would be around $10-$15 dollars per day on travel. When you are staying in one location, your travel costs should be much lower. While when you travel long distances, you may need to speed around $30 per day. 

Overall, an average of $15-$18 per day should be sufficient to cover your transportation throughout your trip. 

2. Croatia – $85 per Day

Croatia is often an overlooked country when visiting Europe, but if you are looking for a hidden gem that is also cheap, then this is a great choice. 

If you are a nature lover, then Croatia is a wonderful choice with eight national parks. Croatia is also filled with gorgeous Islands, beautiful architecture, amazing waterfalls, and countless ruins and abandoned cities. 

Things To Do in Croatia 

Croatia is a hidden gem in Europe with amazing landscapes, historical monuments, and delicious food that you can see on a modest budget. Here are some of the must do things if you are visiting Croatia. 


  • Plitvice Lakes National Park 
  • Visit the Blue Caves of Bisevo Island
  • Abandoned Building in Croatia: Hotels of Kupari, Torpedo Launch Station, or St. Nicholas Fortress
  • Visit the Costal City of Dubronvik 
  • Sail Around Kornati National Park 
  • Visit the Dalmatia Coast
  • Krka National Park (Total of  8 National Parks in Croatia) 


Hotels across Croatia are relatively cheap. Although, if you do decide to stay on one of the smaller Croatian Islands, you will find that the rates are slightly higher. 

Overall, you can typically find 3-star hotels for around $25 to $50 depending on the region you are in.

If you are in the national park area or mainlanad, then rates will be around $25 to $35. On the other hand, hotels near the coast or on islands can range from $45 to $55. 

Hostels are quite famous and modern throughout Croatia. These modern Hostels typically come with a more expensive price tag. 

You can typically find rooms in a hostel for around $15 to $35. 

Overall, on average, you can expect to pay around $30 to $50 per night, throughout your stay in Croatia. 


Your average daily budget for food in Croatia should be around $20. Overall, a medium-range meal from a restaurant will typically cost about $10-$15. 

Croatia also includes many small local restaurants where you can get a meal for around $4-5. Depending on your preferences and food choices, you will spend around $20 per day. 

This will give you enough leeway to enjoy delicious food from medium-range restaurants while also staying on a decent budget. 


The train system in Croatia is advanced and connects most major cities. It includes express trains and standard trains, giving you plenty of transportation options. 

 If you only want to use trains throughout your entire trip, then your best bet is to buy a pass. You can buy passes for a specific number of days per month with unlimited train rides. 

For example, an eight-day pass costs around $194, which will give you unlimited train access for eight days. The days don’t have to be consecutive but must take place within 30 days. 

On the other hand, Since Croatia is quite large with lots of National Parks, renting a car is another viable option. Car rentals can range from about $50 to $120 per week, depending on the size of the car. 

I recommend a medium-sized car which will cost around $60 -$70 per week. This comes out to about $10 per day or less. When you add in an additional cost for ferries, you should only be spending around $10-$15 per day on transportation. 


There is often this perception that traveling around the world costs ten’s of thousands of dollars. The reality is that there are locations in every continent that you can travel to and spend less than $100 dollars a day and in most cases even less than $80 dollars a day. 

If you plan and budget properly you can visit anywhere in the world. I have created this list with the two cheapest countries to visit on each continent so that you don’t feel limited by your budget. 

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